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Now there are even more reasons to register OfficePrinter. The full version now comes with 200 additional pieces of clipart, a photo library, and more templates. So register now!

Thirty (30) days after the software is installed, OfficePrinter automatically disables its printing capability. After registering with us online using your credit card, a permanent password will be emailed to you, once the order is processed, which re-enables printing. Along with the permanent password, the email also includes a link to the full version of OfficePrinter for you to download. The full version contains 200 additional pieces of clipart, a photo library, and additional templates. All online transactions are performed by one of the largest and most reliable e-commerce providers, and all order information is secured and encrypted.

Please note that your permanent registration number is provided to you immediately after your order is processed. An email with this information is also sent to you within a few minutes for your records. We appreciate your support as it allows us to continue developing high-quality, useful, and cost-effective software applications.



The information you supply WILL NOT be sold or transferred to other companies.  We reserve the right to send you rare promotional emails of our own products and notifications of major (often free) OfficePrinter updates. In addition, OfficePrinter does not contain any type of spyware or virus.



Secure Worldwide Online Orders (Credit Card, Paypal, etc):
Registration License Key (download only): $15.95

If you have any questions, please email our friendly sales staff at sales@mossbaysoftware.com.


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