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One of the best places to see the what people say about OfficePrinter is at Download.com.  Click here to see all the user reviews.  Below is what some of our customers and critics have to say about OfficePrinter:

"I was impressed and pleased with the trial offer of OfficePrinter ..." S.R. -- W. Virginia

"I really like this software! In just a few hours I was able to create a neat logo for my new company and print business cards and letterhead." S.F.

"Office Printer is good! I evaluated 7 different packages similar to OfficePrinter and found it to be the best, having all the features, interface and functionality I was looking for. It also possesses a short learning curve." P.E. -- Dartmouth, NS, Canada

"Just a note to say that we have reviewed and listed your excellent program OfficePrinter in our Utilities section. We rated OfficePrinter a Glowing 5 Star program and a 5 Star Pick. Our highest rating :)" J.W. -- 5star-shareware.com

"downloaded your program and find it very simple to use and very comprehensive ..." -- R.M

"I enjoyed working on your program due to the relative ease it allowed thing to be created .." R.B. Wilmington, NC

"I've conducted an extensive evaluation of the 5star label printers (as judged by ZDnet and others). [Competitor #1] (great too expensive), [Competitor #2] (very difficult to use, but like its label stock), [Competitor #3] (ok but no CD support), [Competitor #4] (ok but way too expensive), ... I like yours a lot. I'm planning on recommending it to my company, which may purchase several copies. The price is certainly reasonable. " E.R

"Greetings. I plan on recommending your product to my company for those that need something beyond what [Competitor] can do. I evaluated quite a few packages based on features, usability, 5star ratings, and price.

"Yours is very good." H.C.

"This is a great program with a very reasonable price. I bought [Competitor]. Junk. On a business card, for example, if you select a font for the first line, and then change it for the second line, it changes the first line to this new font." G.V.M

"I have downloaded your Office Printer package for the trial period of 30 days. It is user friendly, intuitive and has a price tag that should guarantee a large customer base (providing people get to hear about it)." M.A.J

"Dear Sirs......Thank you for Office Printer. I have been finding it a very neat programme (I'm Canadian), and quite easy to use. " G.W

"I've been using your product for about a week now, and I really like how easy it is to use; I would love for my business partner to try it out .." D.R.

"I downloaded this product yesterday and I'm really impressed with it - solves my problems ..." W.S

"Good Job!!! This is one I will pay for! I am only one person, but I am going to tell everyone I know about OfficePrinter! The whole team did a great job on this. " B.B. -- Madison, WI

"I think your program is great. So easy to use...'". P.M

"I recently downloaded your software.I have found the ease at which I can operate it is fantastic." -- S.H.

"Thank you for sending the OfficePrinter starter kit - I love the power
of your software!" S.C.

"Your software is GREAT!" -- J.O.A

"I have tried your program OfficePrinter, and I like it very much ..." M.J. -- Motala, Sweden

"My Wife is starting a small business, and we have bought three software packages to print letterheads, envelopes, and business cards. Two of the three were not acceptable and the third was barely usable. After finding your software on the internet, I tried it and found that it was much better than the software that I had already purchased. You have a very good product." B.M. -- Pasadena, Tx

"Just wanted to send a long overdue note of thanks and appreciation for the excellent customer service I
received from your company. Thanks again for your timely response and attention to detail." L.T.

"I have finally found a label program that is easy and fun to work with! I have tried many different ones. Your program ranks far above the rest. I am looking forward to the CD ROM which contains the full version. Can't wait to get it!" W. L. A. Parkersburg, WV

"I just used it for the first time and I know that this is the program that I will be using to create labels. I have tried others but his is the best program I have used. I'm going to recommend this program to my friends." P.C. -- Brooklyn NY

"Good program" B.J. -- Covington, LA


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