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Business card software for designing your next business card!  

OfficePrinter is the only all-in-one business card and label software you will ever need!


What is OfficePrinter?

OfficePrinter, the highly rated business card software and label software, is the easiest, fastest way to design and print your own professional-looking business cards, CD labels, envelopes, address and shipping labels, letterhead, and much more. It is loaded with easy-to-use features, tons of pre-designed business card and label templates, and an extensive clip art library to ensure that the creation of your business card or label design is an easy and fun process.  If you are in a hurry, you may simply choose one of  these designs, enter your personal or company information, and you are done!  Your own business cards or labels in just minutes!  If you want a more customized business card or label design, OfficePrinter's intuitive yet powerful editing features allow you to do just that.  OfficePrinter is perfect for businesses or individuals, and runs on Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP.

Not all Business Card Software and Label Software are Created Equal!

"Office Printer is good! I evaluated 7 different business card software and label software similar to OfficePrinter and found it to be the best, having all the features, interface, and functionality I was looking for designing business cards and labels. It also possesses a short learning curve." P.E. -- Dartmouth, NS, Canada

"I have finally found a business card program and label program that is easy and fun to work with! I have tried many different ones. Your program ranks far above the rest."  -- W. L. A. Parkersburg, WV 

Even though there is other business card software and label software out there, they can be quite different in capability, ease of use, and price.  Some make their users buy separate programs for making business cards, address labels, CD labels, shipping labels etc., while OfficePrinter has all these capabilities in one.  Others have relatively primitive text handling, while OfficePrinter allows you to adjust the size, font, color, width, spacing, sub/superscript, and rotation of text right down to the individual character, just like a high end desktop publishing program.  Best of all, registering OfficePrinter costs only $15.95, while others cost much much more.  To see more testimonials of what other users have said about our business card and label software, click here.


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How much is it?

This all-in-one business card and label software is free to try for 30 days, afterward it disables its printing capability until you register.  If you decide that it is not for you, simple do nothing or uninstall it.  No catch!  It costs only $15.95 if you decide to register and has a money back guarantee.

You can download OfficePrinter today and try it for FREE for 30 days, no catch!  You don't even need to give us your name or email address to download this all-in-one business card software and label software.  Once the trial period has passed, OfficePrinter's printing capability is disabled until you decide to register.  If you decide that OfficePrinter is not for you, simply do nothing or uninstall it.  Registering OfficePrinter costs only $15.95.  Other competitors cost anywhere from $19.95 to over $100 a piece for their business card or label software!   If for any reason you are not satisfied with OfficePrinter after you register, just email us and we will refund your money.  OfficePrinter does not contain any viruses or spyware, and we will never send you email.  It is that simple.  All we ask is to give us a try.


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OfficePrinter is Highly Rated by Critics


"OfficePrinter is an easy and fast way to make your own professional looking business cards, labels, and much more ... this business card program and label program gets 5 stars (highest rating)" -- 5star-shareware.com


"This creative business card software and label software helps you put together business cards, address labels, letterhead, and CD labels in a snap.  This business card program and label program lets you go from design flunky to graphic genius in less than 60 seconds ,,, 5 stars (highest rating)" -- download.com


Awarded the 5 cups excellent award for this business card software and label software.  -- 5cup.com


"I was quite impressed with OfficePrinter's ease-of-use and wide collection of graphics tools for designing business cards and labels... this business card software and label software gets 5 rockets (highest rating)" -- rocketdownload.com


"OfficePrinter is the kind of business card program and label program that's great for individuals, but it's also perfect for business. I've used it for business cards, envelopes, letterhead, shipping labels, CD labels, file folder labels, and more. ... I recommend it! -- This business card software and labels software is a Dr. File Finder Favorite" -- shareup.com    

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What are you waiting for?

Just click the link below and download a copy for yourself and try it for 30 days with absolutely no catch. This business card software and label software is so easy to use you will be able to make your first business card or label within minutes. But if you are still concerned about knowing how to use the tool, don't worry, it comes with complete online help and tutorials to show you step-by-step procedures to make simple and advanced business cards and labels. So download OfficePrinter today.

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